Soleitind 22/23

A lightweight ski for freeride oriented touring

7.149,35 kr 10.999,00 kr

This is a lightweight ski for the freerider looking for a durable tool that can be trusted 100%. Soleitind is one of the peaks in the legendary mountain range Hurrungane, on the west coast of Norway.

This peak boasts a variety of challenging skiing runs, ranging from exposed lines, narrow couloirs and wide steep faces, and it is the skiing on this peak that has inspired us to develop this model.

Soleitind encapsulates the float and stability from our freeride skis, and the weight and versatility of our touring skis. This results in a freeride ski light enough to bring to the most remote and challenging lines you can imagine.

Technical specifications

175 cm

131 - 107 - 123
R: 18m
W: 1590 g

185 cm

134 - 109 - 126
R: 19m
W: 1720g

192 cm

137 - 111 - 129
R: 20m
W: 1820 g

Touring-specific tips with long rocker

This tip will float and maneuver easily thanks to its ecliptic rocker design and tapered sidecuts. No matter the speed or snow, this will be fun to ski! The design even helps with uphill performance so you can get to the top as effortlessly as possible.

Camber under foot

A traditional cambered design gives you stability and versatility in any condition. On hardpack a camber design is unmatched.

Skin compatible touring tail

The tail is designed to have the optimal combination of playfulness and stability. With a small kick, the ski is easy to maneuver, as well as it reduces drag from the skin while touring. The tail is constructed in ABS-plastic to be as durable as possible.

Poplar & paulownia + Carbon

A poplar and paulownia core in a carbon chassis. By reducing the amount of wood and replacing it with carbon, you get a lightweight ski, but at the same time keeping the great properties of the wood core. The P-tex 5920-base delivers great glide and durability throughout the season.

Sandwich construction

A sandwich construction delivers uncompromised power transfer and torsional stiffness in a durable package. Our scratch free topsheet is designed to handle all the beating your skis get season after season on the mountain. It is also developed so that a minimal amount of snow sticks to the topsheet.

Graphics by Stine Lilloe-Olsen

Hurrungane is a cunning mountain range, and one can quickly be surprised by bad weather when it is least expected. It is this moody weather around the peak Soleitind the graphics portrays.


Soleintind is a downhill oriented touring ski, and can be combined with a range of bindings depending on the style of skier you are, and how you intend to use the skis. To get the most out of the low weight of the ski, we suggest a light performance driven binding. To get the most out of the performance of the ski, you could look at a heavier and more downhill focused binding.

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